We are a committed group of educationists with the sole aim of bringing academic excellences and human values together. In the wake of today's falling educational standards and ethical values, we are determined to make a difference by imparting education emphasizing the importance of social awareness and ethical values at primary level. we promise to provide every child a very happy schooling and useful education

Dear Parents,

All of you certainly love to watch your child growing smarter and playing smarter. A spark of smile, mumbling words, wobbling acts, funny toddling moments would undoubtedly give you immense pleasure! Your child ,sometimes, may grow faster and smarter than you could really imagine!

Once you start realizing this fact, you would start planning for your child’s future. Of course, the future of your child lies in the provision of “Good Education”. In this age of computers, the term “good education” is fast replacing with the term “Competent Education”. The provision of competent education is the “rightful gift” to your child. Therefore sending your child to his/ her first school (preschool ) is .both essential and purposeful.

At any preschool, your child is expected to taste his/her first independence, involve in learning activities, and develop self-help qualities, basic etiquettes, and language skills, besides readying psychologically himself/herself for a bigger school /primary school. So, sending your child to a preschool can definitely be advantageous.

But it is essential to identify the right kind of preschool where appropriate student-teacher ratio is being followed, the concepts of a preschool are obvious and the principles are strictly adhered to. Because, at the end of the day, the preschool acts as a guiding light which your innocent soul is bound to follow blindly.

That is why the preschool you look for your child needs to be the best! Then find answers to these questions that may lead to making your choice best!

  1. Is the preschool you look for is set up in a healthy environment ?
  2. Is it located considerably close to your place of living?
  3. Does it have spacious and solid building premises ?
  4. Does it possess ample and spacious play ground ?
  5. Does it have modern and user-friendly equipment ?
  6. Is the teaching methodology fun-loving and interesting?
  7. Does it provide all the facilities that are promised ?
  8. Are the teachers well-qualified and trained properly to handle your little ones ?
  9. Can your child have the first taste of freedom at his/her school ?
  10. Is there enough scope for your child blooming himself / herself at the school ?
  11. Is the school committed to focus on individual growth and development ?
  12. Is the management trustworthy and does it take your views into its consideration?

And if you are in search of answering all the above questions and many more, then your search for the right kind of preschool for your child ends with our “LITTLE MASTER”. Because at “LITTLE MASTER”, every child will become the master of his/her own mind!


We give strength and support to the roots and spirit to the wings of every child! We set every child free from fears and apprehensions so that he/she can grow into a full-blossomed personality! We guide every child on the right path so that he/she can reach his / her right destination! We motivate every child at each step so that he/she can evolve into a global leader ! We encourage every child every moment so that he/she can achieve anything in the world! We boost every child enough to scaling any heights in his /her life !


Every little one says, “I am independent, I am confident, I am growing, I am learning, I am joyful, I am skillful, I am on my right path, I can achieve, I am on top of the world because I am a little master !”

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